Heidi’s Sink-side Cleaning Station

Start with a cute tray like this one from Target ($10):

metal sink tray

Fill these cute brown spray bottles with your all-purpose cleaner (the next item) on Amazon 2 for $9

amber spray bottles

This is Heidi’s favorite all-purpose cleaner concentrate. You can get around 16 spray-bottles with one bottle of concentrate. Smells so good: Clove-lemon-cinnomon. I use this on everything- table, high chair, counters, and floors with crawling babies. Theives Cleaner concentrate $38

Thieves Concentrated Cleaner

Remove the label and fill this with Dish soap- looks so much prettier on the counter than your normal dishsoap bottle! Brown Soap dispenser $13

brown bottle dish soap dispenser

Finish it off with these cute bamboo dish scrubbers 3 for $12

bamboo dish scrubbers

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